2019 State Championship Match

On April 27, 2019, High Technology High School had a heavily outrated team at the chess state championships. Our team of 5 students had an average rating of about 1400, in comparison to the 1700 rating of the favorite team, Bergen County Academies. Although I prepared a lot with the HTHS team, reviewing games, practicing tactics, and preparing openings, the team knew it would take a miracle to defeat Bergen. [Read more from 2019 State Championship Match...]

Fighting Against Englishmen

We all have those days when we face a less common opening, and we don’t know how to play against it. Although some may disagree, I like to choose how I play in an opening instead of following a book of theory. When I choose what moves I play, it feels more like real chess. This past weekend, I had the opportunity to play against the English Opening, an opening that I have not prepped myself against whatsoever. [Read more from Fighting Against Englishmen...]

An Interesting Material Imbalance

It’s been a while since I’ve posted, and I have a lot of interesting games to share. About a month ago, I competed at the US Amateur Team East tournament with some friends from my school. Shout out to my friends Aditya, Abhinav, and Justin for competing at the tournamnet with me! In the second round, I faced a 2100 (compared to my 1500 rating at the time), and the game was very intense. [Read more from An Interesting Material Imbalance...]

I Got Blasted by Big Chungus!

I just played my biggest match in High Technology High School's chess division against the Christian Brothers Academy. Our team squeaked by with a 3-2 win, but the match was too close. I lost at second board to a player who insisted on being called "Big Chungus". This is the story of how I got blasted by Big Chungus. [Read more from I Got Blasted by Big Chungus!...]

Be Stubborn!

When you know you’re in a losing position, an important thing to remember is that the game is not over until you think it’s over. You may be down a pawn or even the exchange, but if you try to win (or draw) and play agressively, you are more likely to make a comeback. [Read more from Be Stubborn!...]

Keep Your Eye on the Goal

Until a few months ago, I used to have the problem of being materialistic in chess. I'd focus on gaining a pawn advantage and making that my only goal in my chess games, after which I would just try to simplify the position until I won. However, after you reach about a 1200 USCF rating, you will lose terribly if you neglect the other aspects of chess. [Read more from Keep Your Eye on the Goal...]

PennApps Chess Tournament

Hello, my friends! Today, I’d like to share about an interesting chess game from the PennApps hackathon with you. The chess tournament was held at the UPenn, and people from the PennApps hackathon as well as the UPenn chess club competed together in one tournament. It was a blitz tournament, with an 8|0 time control (yes, eight minutes - I’m not sure why), so the moves and ideas from the following game are from memory and not notated. [Read more from PennApps Chess Tournament...]